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Well... it’s been such a busy term I’m sorry we’ve not updated for a while. How has it got to mid-March already! 


Over the last few weeks in Literacy we’ve been planning and writing our own stories on the theme of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. In our final stories we had to try and use our full stops and capital letters correctly as well as exclamation marks and question marks where appropriate. We also had to try and use what we’ve learnt about describing in our stories too including adjectives, similes and alliteration. Year 2 have learnt how to write exclamation sentences so they also had to try and include one of those.

This week year 1 looked at making nouns into plurals and year 2 have been looking at using conjunctions (words such as and, because, or, when, if, that, but) to extend sentnences and make them more interesting.


In Maths we have been continuing our work on multiplication and division using our knowledge of the 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Year 1 have been doing lots of practical work with pictures and bricks while year 2 have been becoming increasingly confident in using just their fingers. I’d love to see any practise they do with these at home simple lists of number sentences for example 8x2= are great and if you fancy getting a little creative some word problems will really get them thinking.


Everybody really enjoyed the Science wow day on Wednesday this week. There were some really interesting tasks from exploring with materials to getting messy investigating gravity with paint and even some propellor seed inspired photography.


On Friday this week we spent the morning up on the beacon field planting trees along the hedgerow and playing games. Everybody attempted a jog around the outside of the field - even if there was some considerable corner cutting going on by some!!!

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