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This week in Literacy we’ve been continuing our work on poetry writing our own poems about pine cones, driftwood or fossils using what we’ve learnt about alliteration and similes.


In maths we followed on from our work on doubling to look at halving and how this is related to dividing by two.


In science we investigated how different materials can be changed by trying to squash, bend, twist and stretch various objects and recording the results.


In geography we designed our own symbols for some of the key geographical features of Stogumber village and put them into a key ready to draw our own maps next week.


The year 1 children had a fantastic time at Kingsmead doing multisports on Friday and in the afternoon Mrs Napper came in to take us Wassailing at the orchard. We tied ribbons and toast to the apple tree and made lots of noise with instruments and our voices to scare off bad spirits. We sang our wassailing song to help the tree to grow and produce good fruit and enjoyed a cup of warm apple juice.