Welcome to “The Munch Bunch”
- Breakfast & After School Club page.

We are proud to be able to provide the fabulous Munch Bunch club at Crowcombe School. The breakfast club starts at 8:00 am, with Mrs Smith and runs until school starts. 

Mrs Lock, Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Duncton take it in turns to run the After School Club which starts at 3:30pm and closes at 5:30 pm.

This club is for pupils of both schools.  Mr Rexworthy and Mr Sears, our minibus drivers, carry Stogumber children to and from Munch Bunch daily.

There is a small charge for these clubs. Breakfast Club currently charges £2.25. After School Club charges a flat rate of £4.00, regardless of the length of time your child stays there (until 5.30pm)

Please try to book in advance although we always reserve space for emergencies.