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Sports Reports

Autumn 2018 - Fixture List, Code of Conduct & Notes for Named Adults

Young Leaders’ Celebration Day

Young Leaders’ Celebration Day 1

If you are the family of a child in Keystage Two then you will certainly have heard about ‘Fun Club’, the Friday lunchtime activity club run by our Year Six Young Leaders. Every week they are out there challenging and engaging other children, leading by example and pushing their own leadership limits!


As positions are limited in number pupils need to apply for a Young Leadership  post at the end of Year Five, after receiving initial training, and this that pass the selection are supported in their role through Year Six by Mrs Stevenson.


Young Leaders plan, timetable, set up, lead and record every one of their fun and active sessions. After each session, they celebrate good sportsmanship shown by children who take part by presenting ‘Spirit of the Games’. They even create a weekly poster documenting the session. Leadership is more than just kicking a ball about with younger ones and Fun Club challenges and rewards the Young Leaders as much as it does the children who come each week.


In celebration of their commitment and effort, our young leaders are given hoodies in the spring term and a great day out in the summer. Today we went to the COACH centre in Taunton for a day of paddle boarding, rafting and tree climbing. As ever the children were enthusiastic, supportive to each other, courageous and fantastically well mannered! What a wonderful way to celebrate a year of giving enjoyment and inspiration to others! Thank you Young Leaders, for a great year and a fantastic day!



Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17 1
Parent report - Fantastic show by our footballers tonight at the Heathfield School tournament - they did brilliantly despite the torrential rain and cold! They won 3/4 games with some high scores- even though one of the opposition teams put a grown up in goal!! Would be great to take some more players along next time and even better if we had some girls on the team.

Cross Country - Nov 17

Cross Country - Nov 17 1

Our named adult’s report:


Once again the children were a credit to the school at the Cross Country races. They were all turned out in their kit, looking very smart. They were also very excited to be taking part.

This was an individual race (unlike the team relay the time before). When asked whether they preferred the team event or the individual? they replied "we liked the individual because it meant that we could look after each other as we ran around".


Thank you to Chris Birch for being named adult for this event.

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17 1

Well done to our super keen KS1 football team. Five brave boys went to Taunton to play in a Central Venue League friendly tournament. They made us all proud as the played with enthusiasm, teamwork and a great, positive attitude. They also won three out of the four games that they played! What a wonderful start to their sporting careers.

Badminton - Oct 17

Badminton - Oct 17 1

Badminton - Oct 17


Four children went to Kingsmead for the Badminton competition.
Again all children worked well together and gave lots of encouragement and support to each other especially as this was the first time some had played Badminton.
They came up across some good teams but they all enjoyed the experience,they won a few games and lost a few but there were no signs of disappointment just lots of determination to want to play.
One thing that was noted at the end was the good sportsmanship between them all and shaking hands with the opposition after every match.

Handball - Nov 17


We turned up with four very enthusiastic children and soon realised that five children was required!!
A special thank you must go to Creech St Michael Primary School as their children kindly rotated and worked with our children enabling us to take part.
There was a good team spirt with lots of encouragement and guidance to each other.
It was noticed how Zak and Teddy showed some positive leader skills and supported the rest of the team well.

Handball - Oct 17

Handball - Oct 17 1

Handball - Oct 17


It was good see the children enjoying themselves and all participating.
They were encouraging and supportive to each other and worked well together as a team 
They managed to rotate themselves so each had the same amount of games.
Mr Adams Clarke did well also on the court encouraging them all and even joining in the adult game at the end.



Cross Country - Oct 17

Cross Country - Oct 17 1
Cross Country - Oct 17 2
Cross Country - Oct 17 3
Cross Country - Oct 17 4

Cross Country & Rugby in one week!


It has been a busy week for our young athletes. Thank you, as ever to our wonderful parents for transporting and chaperoning our players.


Parent report:


The cross country was lovely as when the children finished running their leg they then went and met the other runners to give the support and encouragement.

Harriet ran with Estella to encourage her to keep on running; it was just beautiful to watch.


The rugby was good as SASP ran some coaching skills before the games started and I think our children benefited from this.


The other school teams do predominately have years 5 & 6s playing, whilst we have sent two teams of years 3 to 6! It was good that each of our teams had only 7 players, as this allowed a year 6 from the team who wasn’t playing to join the other team to give it some extra strength.


We drew the first game, won the next two and lost by 1 try on the last.


A big thanks to Ben White for his coaching skills and building up team spirit.


At both events the children were extremely well behaved and showed the other schools how to look out for each other and more importantly how to have fun at the same time.


Tag Rugby - Oct 17

Tag Rugby - Oct 17 1
Tag Rugby - Oct 17 2