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This week 10.11.17

As you may have already heard, this week we have been trying to solve a mystery in the classroom! On Wednesday a beanstalk appeared in our classroom along with some giant footprints, magic beans, harp music and six golden eggs! We have done a thorough investigation of the school to try to find anymore evidence and were visited by PC Sue who has asked us to create some detail character descriptions from what we have found out. We have started to think about writing character descriptions by first writing descriptions of ourselves.

This week we have also started rehearsing for our Christmas play! (Yes, that’s right, it’s Christmas already!) Everyone seems really happy with their parts and all have embraced their characters. Your support with helping them to learn their lines will be greatly appreciated. 

In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting ones and adding and subtracting tens to numbers up to 100 and using this information to work out the answers to number sentences with larger numbers. For example if we can add 20 and we can add 1 we can add 21.

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