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Albany Penpal Visit - Quantock Hike

We were delighted to welcome our friends from Albany Primary School, Cardiff, last Tuesday. It was our second meeting and this occasion allowed us to share our wonderful countryside. Children and adults were excited. Letters had been exchanged and some had ticked the days on their calendars!


After a shy reunion in class, inhibitions disappeared once we were all gathered in Sherford forest, the home of the Gurt Wurm. Remains were found of ‘Crowstogany’, the famous ancestor of dear, old Gurt.


In their pairs, children followed flour trails across the the moor towards Crowcombe Park Gate. Fortunatly the early mist had cleared, allowing us all to wave to Albany’s home town across the water. The children collected items of interest along their way and wrapped them onto “journey sticks” with wool.


We owe a huge thanks to Anthony Trollope Bellow for allowing us to walk through Crowcombe park to the beautiful bridge and weirs, in order to have our picnic lunch. We stopped several times, luck enough to spot a herd of roe deer, an ancient, abandoned church, wondorous caverns within old trees and views.


Back at the school, time did not allow us to share our Gurt Wurm folktale; however the football match was a huge success. Crowcombe and Stogumber won 1 – 0, however both teams are itching to play the return match on 26th June when we visit Albany school for a feast of culture.


The Albany children took their journey sticks away with them as souvenirs of their visit. As Abdalkareem said, “This is like a memory stick of my walk.”


We can’t wait for the return visit – a promise of art, song, Welsh language, exotic foods and henna!