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Forest School

Welcome to our our Forest School page! 


Stogumber’s Forest School is an opportunity for the children to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom in real and immediate situations. Through exploration, fun and challenge, our pupils develop academic and social skill in ways impossible to do in the classroom.


For example the children may investigate the number of species of wild flower in a meadow, design and make bumblebee houses, study the depth and flow rate of a stream, draw diagrams of minibeasts, make mudpie recipes, paint landscapes, guide each other through blindfold trails they have designed and built, map and measure, build dens from ash withies or write poetry linked to their senses.

At times the children work within class groups at tasks tailored to their age and curriculum, whilst in other sessions they are in small, mixed-age groups, providing the older ones with an opportunity to build their leadership and communication skills and the younger pupils a chance to learn from older peers.

Stogumber’s Forest School aims to build the confidence and social skills of all our children and has proven to be a powerful and positive learning tool that brings us closer as a community.


Team-working, communication and empathy are all developed in a fertile and fun environment where we learn to support, listen to, and lead each other. We aim for the children to take as much ownership of the sessions as possible, so that it is they that drive their experiences forward. We love it! 

“An excellent experience, learning teamworking skills. It’s the most fun thing in the school year!”

“My favourite bit was collecting the wood for the dens.”