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We are proud that our school have such a wonderful partnership with Tanjeh school
in Gambia. Find about about it here.


This partnership, and the work we have done together, have led to our schools holding the International School award for several years now. Stogumber was declared the smallest school to have yet achieved this status and were featured in the Times Educational Supplement. The award was earned for the second time last year.


Our partnership agreement focuses on:


Sharing common values


Learning about similarities and differences between our homes, families, ways of life and education


To learn to appreciate each other's cultures and how those develop in local circumstances


To begin to develop a sense of responsibility for our local, and global, environments.


To give our pupils a basic understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.


The partnership have focussed on several joint projects, one of which led to our very successful environment week last year. Recycling was just one of the focuses which both schools worked on together. Other joint areas of work have been waste, homes, traditional stories and farming. These areas of study and resulting activities are embedded into our curriculum. Key Stage 2 pupils from our schools have pen pals in Gambia.


Staff from the schools visit each other when it is possible and we very much enjoyed seeing Mr Momodou Gibba in our schools last winter. We could see how cold he was as even when he was indoors he kept his coat on! He told us stories about hippos and shared information all about his school and the area around it. Mr Harbour from our Governors went over and visited Tanjeh too, and brought back lots of photos and tales about his trip. We have more information on this in school – do come in and chat to Mrs Phillips if you would like to know more about the project.