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A Penny For The Guy!

Owls Class enjoyed heaps of firework fun today. We started with our welly walk up to the Beacon Field, where we watched a local setting his bonfire alight.

After discussing firework safety and creating our own, human firework display, we got to work.

Miss Jenkins helped us stuff Mr. Wedderkopp’s old clothes with leaves to make a guy. We laid him in a wheelbarrow and sat by the roadside asking passers by for a penny for charity. One lady on a bike stopped and told us that she was related to one of the gunpowder plot conspirators!

We had a lot of fun making a huge, shared piece of fizz popping art with Mr. Wedderkopp - we flicked and sprayed paint at a massive piece of black sugar paper to make a firework scene in the style of Jackson Pollock. We even threw painty tissue paper at the sheet to make blobby explosions!

Onto this we glued chalk and glitter fireworks that we’d made with Mrs. Shopland. The final piece looked messy and amazing!

Thankyou to all the parents and village people who gave money to our guy. We have decided to give it to a homeless charity.

Have a safe, fun and happy fireworky weekend!


Mr.W, and Owls Class