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Anglo Saxon Living History Day

Here are our photos from the Kingfisher Class Anglo Saxon Living History day, a day in which the children took on the role of a Saxon that they have researched and created, craftsman, slave or noble. For a full report, read Amelie's recount on the Kingfisher Class page.


This was a day of contests in archery, wrestling and riddles, of animal husbandry, cooking and building, of mythical tales, of judgement (we had a trial by ordeal), and of blessings, both pagan and Christian.


In the sun, cold and mud, our Year 5/6 children got into role so well and treated each other with such trust and enthusiasm that they really made the day a success. Thank you to Lisa Simpson, Kezia and Ben White, and to Jo Hobbs, for helping out today, to our parents and carers for helping with some great costumes and equipment, and of course to our staff who take everything in their stride and deliver curriculum to the children wrapped in love, commitment and enthusiasm.


Do read Amelie's report on the Kingfishers' page for much more detail, and a child's take on the day.


Josh Wedderkopp