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Back to the Stone Age

Woodpeckers were wolves today... The Wolf Tribe!


We went back in time to 6000 BC, and to the fascinating period when humans began to move from hunting and gathering to early farming. Our wolf tribe built shelters from felled trees and mammoth hide, cooked vegetable and elk kebabs, and built their own bows and arrows. Our young tribe members earned their names as the day progressed, from ‘Great Elk Girl’ and ‘Snow Wolf’ to ‘Mammoth Slayer’ and ‘Strong Arm’. We even had a ‘Brain’ and a ‘Words’!


Despite the wind and rain, the children stayed in character all day, working together to create our savanna settlement, keeping at least one lookout up a tree at all times, and keeping the fire burning.


Well done Wolf Tribe. Next session we will be heading for the hills as archaeologists, on the hunt for Bronze Age Barrows and Iron Age Hill Forts...