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Children's review of the Creative Arts in the Autumn Term

The Autumn term seems long ago but our children's reflections in Key Stage 2 need to be shared. They had a rich and varied range of experiences and each child had something different to say. I think they found it hard to choose their favourites and what is obvious is how they all enjoy the regular music and singing happening through out the term. 

Here are a few of their thoughts when asked what they enjoyed the most;

  • Violin - It is such fun and I can make some tunes.
  • Animation - I would like to do more. It is a new skill I can now do.
  • Commotion in the Ocean (drama production) - It was funny and understandable.
  • Wizard of Oz - It was the best play ever as Dexter was in it. I really liked it as they made it their own.
  • Drumming - I love the sound. It makes me feel relaxed. 
  • Waste workshop - I have learnt new skills and feel the waste on the beach is so sad.
  • Play in a day at Taunton school - It was different and challenged me. It was super duper fun!
  • What does it inspire them to do;
  • To play ALL the string instruments.
  • To start dancing, perform at home and show all my family.
  • I have been waiting so ling to do the waltz and now I don't have to worry.
  • To do a play on waste ourselves instead of  other people. 
  • I would like to do beach combing every week.
  • When asked what they would like to develop further;
  • to do costume,  -  making and creating. To go back stage and see how they make costumes and how they are used in plays.
  • Music - as it can be a huge influence on drama. Using it to change the atmosphere would be an interesting thing to learn.

Finally ;

 I love the way we go out and have loads and lots of fun.