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Choctastic News!

As part of our celebration of Roahl Dahl's centenary and our Keystage Two focus on this writing legend, we have produced 1000 limited edition minature chocolate bars, based on Year Six student Evelyn Laver's 'Wizz Pop' design.


10 of these wrapped bars are white chocolate, our 'Golden Tickets', hidden amongst 990 yummy milk chocolate bars!


Wizz Pop bars will be on sale soon. As we desire a healthy lifestyle and a level playing field, our pupils will be initially limited to buying five of these mini chocs so that all have a fair chance of winning. The cost will be £1 for five bars.


Any child who finds one of our white-gold bars needs to keep it safe (don't eat it!!!) and bring it into school to show their teacher. Each of our winners will be presented with a special hardback centenary edition of a Roahl Dahl classic to treasure!


Funds received, after paying for the production of the bars and purchase of the books, will be donated to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity.