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Christmas Plays Wow Audience

The pupils of Crowcombe and Stogumber performed their Christmas plays this week, to packed halls. 'Jack and the Beanstalk', and 'A Stoggybottom Christmas' were both a tremendous success. The children played their hearts out and the audience response has been wonderful. There's a comments box at the bottom of this post and it would be great if you could give us a quote about the plays - our pupils would love to know your thoughts, and we could use them in the reviews that we are writing.


While 'Jack and the Beanstalk' was written by our Keystage Two pupils within their English lessons (which explains it's wacky twists and turns!), the Keystage One play, 'A Stoggybotton Christmas', was written and narrated by Helen Napper, who also provides us with all of our music. We thank her profusely for the time and energy that she gives us so freely.


Particular mention also needs to be made of Issy Hogevold and Rhys Stevenson, who played Jack and Mother respectively. They bore the responsibility of playing the leads with tremendous passion and commitment - they have been inspirational role models for our other pupils, and fantastic fun to watch!


We are currently in the process of developing and burning DVDs of the performances. These will be available for £1 to add to your growing collection of Crowcombe & Stogumber Primary performances! Do let the school offices know if you would like a copy.


Thanks to all the staff and parents who helped make these great shows work so well. There is so much that goes into a performance beforehand and behind the scenes. Most of all, however, congratulations to all of our pupils - You shook the house!