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Christmas Plays

Crowcombe and Stogumber's Christmas Plays were as marvellous as ever. Stogumber's performance took place in 19th Century rural Russia and told us of a peasant couple who found a daughter in the form of Crystal, an enchanted girl of ice. The children shared the nativity story, sitting beautifully at the heart of the tale.


The older children of Crowcombe wrote their own script within English lessons, weaving a dreamlike tale through the novels of Roald Dahl, our author of the term. We had hordes of Oompa Loompas, giant peaches, talking foxes, badgers, spiders and worms, the Big Friendly Giant, eccentric inventors and the imagination of an orphan boy holding it all together.


Tremendous thanks go to all the adults who helped the children reach such outstanding performances. Well done to everyone, and a Happy Christmas to you all!