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Cricket Squad Defeats Nemesis!

Our Cricket Squad performed marvellously yesterday, at the Taunton Central Venue League Small Schools Tournament. Elliot and Teddy captained their matches brilliantly, leading by example and making sound tactical decisions. The whole squad demonstrated outstanding teamsmanship, keeping each other on their toes and focused, praising good play from both sides, and behaving very well.


Our first match was against St Johns, from Wellington. We lost by a whisker, despite a tremendous wicket from Izzy and a six from Elliot. Zak deserves particular praise for his honesty and sportsmanship, calling a four on a ball that he fielded right on the boundary.


We kept our heads up for our second match, against the four year reigning champion and our nemisis, Stawley School! Teddy arranged our fielders very cunningly, limiting Stawley's batting options. Chris and Grace produced some brilliant fielding, keeping Stawley's run total down. In a group decision, the squad rearranged the batting pairs, spreading out our strongest players. This resulted in some really high scoring overs, including some sixes and fours from Izzy, Teddy, Zak and Elliot. Our last pair, Elliot and Chris batted last and took enormously brave risks, grabbing runs from nowhere! We beat Stawley by 7 runs!


Unfortunately we hadn't made it to the first tournament meet so our final score was low. The league was won overall by Stawley, so we did go home with the satisfaction of beating the champions. Our children behaved and played magnificently and were a credit, as always, to the school and to their families. It was an absolute pleasure to umpire and to watch them play.