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Cricketers reach highest standards.

A letter from Tom, manager at Premier Sport:


I am reporting back from the feedback from Craig when he was at the cricket tournament. 
The children’s behaviour and attitude throughout the afternoon was at the highest level. Craig said he couldn’t ask for anymore from them. 
They lost the first game by only 2 runs!!! They managed to win the next one by 60 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob managed to hit a 6 off every ball in the over. 
Both boys and girls were a delight off the field as well and can’t thank the school enough to have such a lovely group. 
Christina - Took the after school club cricket on Wednesday. 
Her message to me ……..
She really, really enjoyed the club because of a number of reasons - they were lovely children that listened and were like sponges taking up all the information and then performing the skills. No behaviour issues what so ever. She couldn’t believe how much she taught and progressed so fast. She said this reflects so well on the school and couldn’t be more positive with the praise of the children and school. She even said she would bite my hand off if she was asked again to cover again at the school. 
Lots of praise and positive vibes from our coaches for your school. Please pass the email to the Head teacher and other staff members. 
Many thanks, 
Tom Elliott
Regional Director - Bridgwater, Minehead and Weston Super Mare.