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Cross Country Champs

Jan 25 2016 – by Issy


We left school at 2.50pm on a cold, slightly cloudy (and a bit sunny) day.  At least it was better than last time which was pretty damp!


This time all the team was early too so there was no mad rush to the starting line!


Crowcombe and Stogumber School put a team together consisting of Dylan, Fia, Grace, Teddy and Me for the cross country tournament on 25th January which was held at Kings College, Taunton.   It is a really big school, for over 13’s and has brilliant facilities.


The race was around the school grounds, and so we had a great opportunity to see what some other schools have and Kings College are really lucky.  Some schools put forward 20 trained, prepared pupils who had worked hard to practice their speed and endurance.


And then there was us.  With 6 pupils whom before the race had been playing hide and seek in the bushes!  We had had no time to practice (except during our mile jog everyday with Mr Mac in Wake and Shake).  Nevertheleess, we did really well…:


On the slips it did not say pushing and shoving, being pushed over and getting covered in mud was included.


That wasn’t the Crowcombe lot.  Our team have shown their courage, respect and compassion during our 3 cross country races over this school year so far.  On our first race we turned up in dirty PE tops, black shorts of varying shades with old trainers and wearing our school jumpers.  People must have thought that our school wasn’t very good.  But things have changed!  From our 2nd cross country race and other competitions we have been able to wear our awesome new kit.


Now the people seem a bit intimidated by us, even though we are a tiny group.  It just shows no matter how small a school you can still stand tall.

By Issy


P.s. by Mr.W,


We had several very proud and very impressed reports back from parents. Our children were polite, confidence and in the competition to have fun pushing themselves and each other. They set off as a group, with a pacemaker and a rear runner, both encouraging the others on. When the time came they each made their breaks and we did brilliantly well as a team, coming in 5th out of 24 entries! Our squad exemplified our school ethos - fun, commited and supportive. Thank you and well done to Issy, Fia, Dylan, Teddy, Joe and Grace.