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Crowgumbury Festival Rocks!!!

Concert In The Park Wows Audience

What a wonderful evening of music it has been, including pieces as varied as pre-school bubble-pop, Russian polkas, woodwind, strings, audacious solos and ensemble songs. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this marvellous event to fruition, from Mr. MacIntyre's original creative vision to the great turnout of parents, friends and family who came to support the children, to the staff and parents who stayed behind to dismantle the stage, sound system and tents after the performance.


We enjoyed over two hours of continuous music in our own miniature festival on the school field. With good company, picnics, welcome refreshments from the PTA, and fairly benign weather it has been a high point of the year. Hopefully tonight has created great memories and planted seeds of confidence in our children that will inspire them for years to come.


Special thanks to Mrs Napper, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Eveleigh for helping our pupils build the confidence and skills to produce such a range of fantastically entertaining music, as well as local band 'Soalcake' for giving us a hint of what the children could be performing in years to come.


Final thanks must go to the children who kept us enthralled for the entire evening. They were so brave, so commited and so enthusiastic tonight. Thank you children - you have filled so many hearts tonight with pride and with delight!