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On Tuesday 15th January 2019, 16 children from Kingfisher class went to Taunton Vale to take part in grass track racing on bikes against other schools. 


The teams were given points for their time and the team with the fewest points won. Team A came 8th with 92 points and team B came 5th with 84 points.


The team members reflected on their morning. "It was very challenging going up the steep hills and going around the sharp corners." enthused S.

J smiled, "What I found fun, was how we got put into mixed groups."

"It was hard because you had to challenge yourself and push yourself." explained Z.

D. stated, "It helped me gain more confidence riding my own bike and getting more bike experience."

"It was very difficult and tiring doing all 4 laps," remarked E.. 

A. marvelled, "It was fun just taking part in all the races we did."


Overall, we had a fantastic, fun yet tiring experience. We worked well in our teams and we all put 100% effort into the morning.