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Go Go Go-Karts - Our Future Engineers Race To Success!

Today at Crowcombe Primary School our 100 pupils worked together to create 10 awesome wheeled machines! They designed, built and tested life-sized go-Karts form scratch that had succeed on two tests tracks. Test track one was a Silverstone-style challenge of twists and turns, put together by of EYFS children, while track two was a distance trial down the school field.


Our pupils worked in engineering and design teams to hammer, saw and bolt together go-karts that had to safely carry their KS1 drivers over each track. They had to work through all manner of design problems and structural failures to complete their karts and every one of them deserves huge praise for their safe and responsible use of tools, their teamwork and problem solving skills and their enthusiasm and determination to get the job done!


Well done to our brave young drivers (from Reception age to Year Six). Every Kart completed the two courses with the record free-wheel distance being 49m. Congratulations kids - you did yourselves proud today!


Special thanks to Eric and Chris, our mechanical pit crew, and to Mr.MacIntyre who organised this brilliant event.