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House Groups at Crowcombe take off

Acts of friendship, good manners, perseverence, hard work and compassion are just some of the attributes that are being recognized within our new 'house' system. With the number of pupils learning at Crowcombe passing the fifty mark, we have grown to the point at which House Groups become feasible. Not only do these allow a bit of healthy competition to be easily brought into academic and sporting events, but they also stimulate teamwork and a sense of community within the school.


Our house groups have a romantic, literary bent: Shelley, Coleridge, Wordsworth and Austen.


The children have enjoyed researching their namesakes, choosing mottos and creating artistic crests (see these below and see if you can guess which crest belongs to which house), as well as earning points for their houses through positive behaviour and through participation in sporting events.


Our target total for half term is 1000 points. Can it be done...?