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'I take my Hatt off to Doris' - Friday May 3rd 2019 THE TIMES

Art Club visited Somerset Museum to see the work of modernist artist Doris Hatt.  A life in Colour: The Art of Doris Hatt is a selection of her many paintings.  We visited yesterday afternoon, arriving on the minibus with arms laden with sketchbooks, pencils and crayons.

The children were met by Mrs Rose, an ex teacher, who coincidentally is volunteering at the museum. The group of 17 sat mesmorised whilst watching the introductory film on her life. 

The museum was open to the public and the children also, walked around observing, discussing aspects, favourite and least favourite parts of her work. They then settled infront of their favourite pieces and copied parts of her work. 

 Her work due to its vitality is inspirational to children's art which is why we knew it was a must to take the children. 

Here are some of their thoughts;

'I liked the way she used straight lines to depict shadows. I was a new way of thinking for me'. TC

'I liked that she used movement like the dog jumping up at someone. Sometimes she didn't so in another picture the dog was just lifeless'. KA

'I liked the way she used blocks of colour instead of filling in every bit of detail in colour'. ED

'I am inspired by her quirky view of things' FM

' She used very modern styles of art which I liked a lot. I might try to use these styles in my own work.' BL

' I liked the fact that Doris Hatt used different styles of art after revisiting a place' JM


A true inspiration I feel!