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Inpirational Chamber music by the The Mavron Quartet

All our children from pre school to year 6 experienced a classical treat yesterday afternoon at Crowcombe School. The Mavron Quartet at performing at Dunster Festival at the end of the month. 

At the end of the performance the children evaluated their experience and here are a few of their thoughts.

Key Stage one ;

Why did they enjoy listening to the musicians?

 Made me happy.   It was calm.  It was dramatic and the musicians were funny.

It was peaceful. I loved it so much.   The musicians made it loud and expressive.

Explain how the music made you feel.

It was funny happy music. Exciting. It made me enjoy myself. It made me feel cheerful. It was so dramatic and I liked it. The songs were sad and yet I still want more!

Can you explain why you would like to hear another classical concert?

Nice activities. Made me feel happy and cheerful. Used good instruments, played well. It was beautiful. Because the violin was high and low. I enjoyed the sounds they made.  Because they were really in  rhythm.

Key stage 2 ;

Why did you enjoy listening to the musicians?

Really mood changing and made me feel lots of emotions. Just amazing. 

 The way they played different notes in the same rhythm which makes it mesmorizing. JC

I enjoyed it because you get to do activities and it doesn't sound weird or bad – it sounded amazing. PB

It gave my body adrenaline amd it was mesmerisingly beautiful. ED.

I loved that we got involved LH

Because I would like to be a musician and it gave me confidence. EF

I just like to listen to music because it makes me think of nice thoughts JG

You were never just listening, you were always doing something like making a musical pizza.

I enjoyed listening to the musicans because it was really nice to see them play really fast and it made me feel better about playing the violin DB. 

They didn’t just play music they let us join in which was what I liked most. AB

How did it make you feel?

The different types of music made me feel in different ways

I felt emotional throughout – my feelings constantly changed.

Happy, sad, scared, mesmerised. BL

Calm, SURPRISED in how good you can get and in another world EF

Has it inspired them in anyway?

Would like to see more quartets. I thought it was really exciting and it sounds better live.

I really enjoyed the experience because I want to see more. I would like to go to another live music performance of  classical music.

It inspired me to see classical music more.

To watch more.  

The musicians were great and I would love to have more. TC

I want to go to the concerts LH

Now I might listen to classical music. BL

Really enjoyed the experience and found it uplifting

I would like to have more.

I want to play the cello because it can go really deep and I feel like it could do so many tunes.

It’ s made me like classical music more AB


20 children now want to either learn the piano or the cello!

True inspiration.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who allowed it to happen.