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Iron Age School Day is Really Fun And Very Muddy!

Woodpecker Class went down on the field in the forest school area today to have a fun Iron Age day...


Lots of us came in dressed up in Iron Age clothes and with Celtic names. My name (Annika) was Blodwen, which means 'White Flower', and my name (Maisy) was Awel, which means 'Breeze'. Mr Wedderkopp was Bran (raven) and Dawn was Bronwyn (full breasted)!


We made wreaths with willow, fir tree branches, ivy and holly. The Celts had a feast at the midwinter solstice to celebrate the shortest day of winter and the return of the sun and longer days. They would decorate their houses with evergreen wreaths to remind themselves that life would return to earth. When the Christians arrived they were looking for a celebration for the birth of Jesus and they fitted together really nicely.


We also made torcs to wear around our necks. They were meant for boys but the girls made them too.


We did some wattle and daubing which is mixing poo, mud, water and straw together (daub) and throwing it onto weaved bamboo and willow (wattle). We had to dig a pit with mud and water in. We scooped water from the stream for the pit. We even found an iron nugget in the bottom of the stream which was amazing!


After lunch, we finished off making our wreaths and we buried a pigeon that had passed away recently. We buried it in the mud mine/pit and Mavis (Briahna) said a little prayer.


We collected up left over straw to make a circular arena for Celtic wrestling. We did it because that's how they might have celebrated solstice. The circular ring represented the earth going around the sun, the year and the seasons, as well as things growing and things dying. It's like the circle of life. In wrestling you have start with a handshake and a hug because we are all friends. We put a hand on the opponent's shoulder and the other hand on their elbow. The crowd holler the seasons, "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... Fight!" You win by pushing the opponent out of the area or pushing them down. The last fight was between the Oak King (Ninian - Noah) & the Holly King (Cadearn - Drew). Because the light of the year was coming back the Oak King had to win to end winter. The Holly King had lose to let light back into Earth... he knew that he would win in the summer solstice.


We finished with a feast... of hot chocolate & biscuits!

The day was "Really fun and amazing", smiled Annika. "It was super dooper fun," clapped Summer. "We had lots of fun dressing up and acting out being iron age Celts," explained Briahna. "It was wicked," grinned Florence. "It was so fun and very muddy," exclaimed Elizabeth. "It was an extraordinarily epic day!" giggled Finn & Noah.


"It was the best day in the World!" chuckled Max.