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Kingfisher Trip To Contain Arts Gallery

Today, as part of their Arts Award, Kingfisher Class visited Contain Arts Gallery. They met artist Jon England and saw his incredible art work of a mineral line miner made out of 20,000 rusted nails! Cat Smith, led them through a workshop using rust which they look forward to seeing the end results after easter. We also looked through the town for evidence of art around us, of which there was LOADS! 

They had the opportunity to ask Jon Barrat, the Gallery manager some excellent questions. 


Some children need to write up their Contain Art Visit

Some children need to complete their Arts Around us Project

All children need to complete an artist research details of which are found in  CHILDREN/HOMEWORK/KINGFISHER ART HOMEWORK

Enjoy looking through their sketchbooks. Please bring back in the first week of term.

Thank you.