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Lockdown Legends Blitz Alternative Sports Day!

This week, we have had many happy families running, throwing and jumping around Stogumber's school field in our 'Alternative Sports Day!"


Rather than competing against others, this sports day was all about beating personal bests. Over the last past week many of our pupils and parents have been practising at home in standing long jump, target throwing, shuttle running, and more. This week they came to the school field in their family 'bubbles' and tried to beat their own scores. Medals were awarded for the number of personal bests beaten, from Bronze for one, through Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium for two, three, four and five!


Children in school had a chance to take part, with our amazing young leaders running the warm ups and events. The leaders even played inspiring pop music to improve performance!


It was wonderful to watch families and friends taking part together in this 'Covid-secure' setting, competing and enjoying themselves despite the curious situation that we have put ourselves into as a society. A primary aim of this alternative sports day was to give our families an opportunity to return to school in a safe, unthreatening way and to have a fun experience to take with them into the holidays, just as the marvellous woodland experiences of this and last week are doing. To see children with true grit pushing their boundaries and persevering to lift their performance to the next level is a tremendously heartening experience.


Thank you to Mrs. Wedderkopp and Maia for helping to run this event, and especially to Mrs Napper, who even rearranged her birthday celebrations in order to support us.


Thank you most of all to our pupils and parents for their enthusiasm and creative energy. It's been an inspiration for me to see photos and videos of their preparation for this event and, actually, all of the PE activities that we've set on our online classroom over this lockdown period. Do take a look at the video resource section of this website to see some of the amazing action they've got up to!