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Mr Wedderkopp requests your help

Dear Parents & Carers,


I have the privilege of teaching Woodpeckers and Kingfishers class this term, on alternating Fridays. 

Kingfishers will be learning about the creation of the universe and our solar system, as well as investigating the physics of light.

Woodpeckers will be studying pre-history, running from the end of the last Ice Age up to the Iron Age, and ending with a focus on the Celts.

Alongside our class-based work I hope to enrich the children’s learning and enjoyment through teaching sessions outdoors, for example through living history days, the exploration of actual historic sites, and by physically experiencing of the scale of time and space.

I would very much appreciate adult support on the following Fridays:

Woodpeckers: 13th Sept, 9:30am to 11:00am – for a village walk (back through time)

Kingfishers: 8th Nov, 1:30pm to 3:15pm – for a village walk (across our solar system)

Woodpeckers: 15th Nov, for the whole day – for an archaeological hunt upon the Quantocks, finding and documenting pre-historical burial sites & settlements (if this piques your interest have a look at the Quantocks on

If you would like to come and support us on any or all of these days, please contact Crowcombe school office on 01823 618273, or email me at


Thank you,

Josh Wedderkopp