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Opening Passages Into Our Imaginations

Today Kingfishers Class completed their third day of creative writing immersion with Alice Maddicott of Halsway Manor. Our aim was to free the children's invention and fancy, to give them the space and the freedom to let their creative juices flow; and then to help them channel this into vivid writing.


On our first day, the children explored the tardis-like confines of Halsway to create mystery tales. Day Two was spent school constructing maps of imagination, including such places as the Rainbow Forest, Candyland, The Glade, The Begging Beach and The Teddy Bear's Lair. The morning of the third day began with an atmospheric meandering within the misty moss forest of Lady's Combe, collecting words, descriptions and feelings.


With all of this immersion and creation bubbling out of us, we returned to class this afternoon to concoct fanciful guidebooks - a journey along the passageways of our imagination!


Some quotes from our guidebooks:


"The old tree has a stump like a viper's head. The ivy climbs like people climb a wall. Branches are like men fencing. If you look down you will see star moss - it's like a clear night sky spreading over the forest floor. While some trees scream, others dance. They twist like a brown and green whirlpool." Matilda


"A whole pre-school of woodlice. There was one adult and 25 kids. At playtime the spider alarm went off... it had big eyes, massive feet and colossal fangs." Tyler W


"If you go north you will see mushrooms covering the ground like a herd of bulls... a rather small house being strangled in vines... you might feel a little bit colder. The holly bush might encircle you like Indians around a campfire." Molly


"There was a fire in the house. It was a scary house. Everyone hated it. It was black and there was a shed next it. The time was three o'clock... it was a scary time... I went into the woods... moss as big as grass, ducking over and under tree, kingfishers flying and woodpeckers pecking me!" Libby


"The trees swayed side to side... the leaves were gems... the ivy like troll's hair... The gem path ahead glistened so much during the day. The pond with fish rippled and bubbled. It was like a Jacuzzi that is made of lemonade and the chlorine is lemon."  Esther


"Quarter rooms are mysterious places but they are unique. The last Shard Tower is a tower where the shard is in." Kevin


To sum up our creative project the children have the last word:


"It was a really inspirational writing experience." Emily


"I think the thing I enjoyed most was doing the maps. It helped me with my story afterwards." Tirion


"It was terrific because we got to explore around and get ideas outside." Tarot


"I liked going up on the hills because I found it easier to write and the words kept flowing out." Lottie


"I found it easier to go out and experience the weather and the things on the hills." Molly


"On the hills I could look and feel everything - it helped me with my similes." Grace


"At Halsway Manor it helped us to think about portals and secret passages." Jodie


"AWESOME!" Harriet