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Our School


*  It's fun, safe and makes us happy;

*  It is the best primary school ever because the children and the adults are all so kind and caring;

*  The teachers understand our feelings and always try and make it better;

*  We have the best teachers, as they make learning fun and they are there for us;

*  It is like a home to the children;

*  It is a safe place to share mistakes so we learn better lessons;

*  The learning is exquisite and every child here is unique in their own way and we celebrate this;

*  Everyone listens and respects each others feelings;

*  We do WOW days, go places and have lots of fun;

*  When we learn we are given fun, interactive ways to learn so we aren't bored in lessons;

*  We make each other laugh and feel safe like we are at home;

*  Everyone is included in everything we do;

*  We all care about the environment and we are trying to change attitudes;

*  Part of our culture is to think of others and be charitable;

*  We recently received an award for well-being which shows how much we look after each other;

*  We work as a team so we always look after the younger children in the school;

*  This school is very special to us;

*  We always put each other first;

*  The teacher's challenge us to be the best that we can but in a positive way;

*  We cherish this school as if it is our friend.