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Outstanding Sporting Stars!

Congratulations are due to not one, but two, teams this week!

Our amazing rugby squad of boys and girls from Year Three to Year Five won all the matches in their group on Tuesday's tournament. Their first match was against Stawley, another wonderful little village school and our 'nemesis' for the past five years. Our plucky players faced their demons and pulled the first of our four wins out of the bag, with a final score of 4-2. The children, as ever, played with great determination and team spirit. Thanks again to Jo Hobbs for chaperoning and all the parents who came to support. I spoke with the organisers today and they were very complimentary about our conduct, which is always a joy to hear. We look forward to the full match report, being written by Teddy Hobbs and Rhys Stevenson.


Our rugby squad has been building in strength, skill and confidence year-on-year and these results are due not only to this season's brilliant players but also to continuous focus and support over time. The emphasis that we have given to positive attitudes, physical activity and sporting skill is really highlighted by our second result of the week.


Handball is a new game for our pupils; Mr Boult introduced it in the first half of this term's KS2 PE lessons as it encompases skills useful in all invasion style games (rugby, football, netball, hockey...). Today four brave children took up the opportunity to compete in a Taunton-based handball tournament, playing teams from schools across the Deane.


Our team won all their games.


These children show so many of the attributes that we strive to nurture in our pupils - courage, co-operation and determination, to name but a few.


Knowing them, all of our sporting starts will be very modest about their recent success, so let's sing their praises for them!