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Quadkids Ride Again

On Monday the 23rd of May, Christopher, Sundari, Amelie, Matilda, Connor, Zoe, Teddy and Oban competed in the Quad kids competition at Somerset College. The sport teachers (Mr Bolt and Mr Wedderkopp) thought that it would be a great opportunity for some of the children who have never competed in a competition before. We had lots from Class Four who signed up but, unfortunately, we only had one person from Class Four to bring in their form, so we decided to let that one person compete with the year 3 and 4 children.


Matilda thinks that the competition was great and that it was a very friendly atmosphere. Amelie thinks that Oban was the man of the match because he smiled, he tried his hardest and he showed great team spirit! Sundari thinks that the 400 metre sprint was the best part because everyone tried their hardest and didn't give up. Teddy thinks that the whistles were the best because they made a great noise.


Our little school came 14th out of the 35 Taunton schools that competed, which is great!


By Izzy Ford