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Quantock Learning Outdoors Day - Structures & Orienteering

The children of Crowcombe and Stogumber Primary Schools ascended to the Quantock ridge today to complete this term's topic on 'structures'. In mixed age groups the children took on a series of challenges, including tall tower building, mud hut creation, fairy house construction, egg hurling, making a mini tepee village, natural sculpting in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, team building and wind mobile making. Many of the groups also received first response/first aid training for the hills, with some even getting to run through a rescue senario (including abseiling, winching and stretchers) with Exmoor Mountain Rescue!


In the afternoon we split into upper and lower schools, with the older children orienteering along the Quantock Ridge and the younger ones experiencing a treasure hunt out on the grassy spur above Crowcombe.

It is a real treat for the pupils and the staff to all work and play together on days such as this, and as ever, our children excelled themselves, supporting each other in their mixed age groups and enjoying shared learning time together. Part of what makes our little village schools so special is the family feel, and to see a little brother in reception rolling his Year Six sister into the recovery position, or to see children from four year groups working to build a mighty tall column of stones together is such a privilege. In the orienteering event, which was designed to really challenge the children physically and mentally, watching them huddled over the Ordance Survey map and then as a team between points was quite inspiring. They knew to run at the speed of their slowest member and that offering encouragement rather than critisism would benefit the team as a whole.

To cap a wonderful day off, along with having the opportunity to use the toilet with the most spectacular vistas in Somerset, we met ponies, highland cattle and deer!

Thank you to all staff involved, Stuart Ford for permission to be in his field, Ian and Alison from Exmoor Search & Rescue, parents for kitting their children out brilliantly and preparing them for the hills, and of course our awesome pupils!

It was a great day.