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Quantock Wow Day... At School!

With fog, hail and artic winds ravaging the Quantock ridge, we decided to spend our wow day at Crowcombe. Despite missing the freedom of the open country we pulled together and made the most of an outdoors day at school, with the children enjoying: archery, natural sculpture, construction, radio communication and mapping, digital artwork, the maths of mapping, animal tracks and signs, frisbee golf, bird egg identification, charcoal sketching and a blindfold trail.

As always, it was such a privilege to see the children working and playing in their mixed aged groups. Along with the multitude of learning experiences these wow days provide, the social bonding and memories that are laid down are priceless. Our young leaders even set up and ran a short impromptu activity of their own at lunchtime. What an outstanding attitude our pupils have, based on respect and enthusiasm.

Next term, weather permitting (!), we have another opportunity to go to the hills. We always take two whole school days on the Quantocks to enjoy together. Here’s to the summer!


When asked why we get together for whole school outdoor learning days like these we had responses like these:


”To spend time with our family and friends.”

“To learn skills for life.”

”To celebrate the things we’ve done this term.”

“To learn how to be safe.”

“To experience the outdoors.”

”To have fun!”


and, as the first photo below shows, one of our pupils said,


”To experience a little of what it’s like to be blind.”


What wise, empathic children we have.