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Roman Day

Class Three had a real treat with a visit from living history specialist, Mr. Toby Stok. The children spent the whole day immersed in Roman artefacts and information, from making mozaics, to examining real Roman kitchenware, to marching as Roman soldiers.


Here are the children's accounts of the day:


"I really enjoyed it with Mr. Stok because he pretended Amelie was his slave and made her grind up some hard peas with a pestle and mortar. It was wasn't really air because normally the Romans would have soaked the peas in water overnight. When he admitted it it did make me laugh!" - Matilda


"I loved making our names in tesserae (tiles) because I never knew that the English K is the opposite way around to the Roman K! I also enjoyed making shields. Did you know that the shields were quite simple to make but could be used for show, protection from enemy tribes, carrying injuried and wounded soldiers, shelter and or attacking. The pictures on the front showed the enemy how powerful the Romans were - eagle wings, horns, lightning and arrows!" - Zak


"I've learned that a Roman sword was called a gladius and that Roman shields were different colours depending on what country the legion was in. There was another dangerous part on the sword and that was the pommell because legionnairies could use them to crack enemies' skulls! I also had a very epic day!" - Tarot