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Rugby Titans Face Down The Storm

Twelve of our toughest, most determined pupils took to the pitch today to face four local adversaries. 


Weathering the bitter wind and the remnants of snow amongst the frozen mud, our awesome players drew their first game, won their second and third, and drew their last, an incredible achievement considering that their opponents were made up almost entirely of match hardened Year 5 and 6s.


Our Year Two up-and-coming players, Merry, Hamish and Jacob, weren't fazed by the Keystage Two giants who advanced upon them in wave after fearsome wave - these three are certainly ones to watch! Two tough brothers, Alfie and Stanley, won their first caps today, showing tremendous teamwork and bravery, and awesome potential. Our squad is rare with its high ratio of girls; Sundari, Izzy, Harriet and Grace were as ferocious as ever, impossible to intimidate. They struck like cobras and tackled like tigers! And amongst our whirlwind of rugby warriors stood Teddy, Zak and Charlie, our most experienced hands, implacable, inscrutable and invincible. These were the mighty anchors upon which our squad of proud purple-clad players knew they could rely. Together today, amidst the whipping wind and the flesh-chilling mud, our players stood firm against mighty foes. They remained true to themselves and to their teammates, and they triumphed.  


As ever, we owe huge thanks to the parents who pull out all the stops to get their children to these tremendous events. A huge amount of organising goes into making sure that as many of our pupils as possible fulfill their potential and gain valuable life experiences playing in these tournaments. Jo Hobbs, yet again carried the banner as named adult and chief cheerleader. Thanks too must go to Ben White who inspires and coaches the children so effectively. We only ever have positive feedback from the organisers of these events and from other schools. Our proud purple players are great ambassadors for our schools - and fearsome opponents too!