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Science Through Art WOW Day - Wednesday 14th March

As part of National Science Week, we wanted to organise an event which allowed the children to explore, investigate and discover through both science and art. We were inspired by a local Somerset artist, Jon England and invited him in to work with the children. He started by showcasing some of his own art creations.

“The detail Mr England was able to capture in his milk painting, blew my mind.” Amelie aged 10

“I realised that anything could be an art material, poppy seeds used in a picture of a parachutist.” Kayleigh age 9

He explored the flight of a seed propeller through

photography. Each child created their own propeller

design and could watch Jon photograph it in flight inside

his makeshift black box! It was quite something!

I liked dropping my paper helicopter because Jon England is

going to give me the picture – Emily Saines age 7

I liked building the helicopters because it could fly – Kaden age 6

How did they fly? – Finn age 7



Alongside this activity children explored with gravity; pouring, blowing, tilting paper and marbling to create design.

“I enjoyed the challenge of making my own wind propelled seed, it made me think and it was really fun.” Zak aged 11

My favourite part was when the paint kept rolling off the dead ends. It was funny because to the paint it was like rolling off a cliff – Finley age 6

I am not so sure the staff were thinking the same thoughts at this point!

They created a coral reef collage using knitted coral, natural materials and painted fish and sea creatures. It was as messy but there was also a message which Maisy Howard (age 6) explains beautifully.

My bit I enjoyed was when we added the plastic because it really shows not to put litter in the sea because of all the damage it makes to the coral and the animals.

We have to say a huge thank you to Stogumber Arts Festival committee for funding this event.