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Sports Relief - Young Leaders’ Write Up

This week the Young Leaders organised Sport Relief! We charged 10p a day to play an activity and £1 on Friday to wear sporty clothes!


The activities we ran were:

Frizball (like football, but with a frisbee)

3 legged race

Obstacle course

Relay race

and on Friday we ran a massive Fun Club for the whole school!

(Some of us played capture the flag and the rest played granny’s footsteps). 


Being a a young leader is a very good opportunity for if you want to help children when you’re an adult. Also it’s another way to make better friends. Some of us used to argue but because of working together in Fun Club we’re now really good friends. Only one of us was an organised person at the start but now we are all really up to speed!

For Sport we raised £106 .10p


Zak & Izzy


p.s. The children wrote about physical activities that they are passionate about - it’s incredible to discover just how committed and knowledgeable they are about their many specialities and hobbies. Watch the slideshow for some extracts from their reports.