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Stogumber Tree Planting Fun

Today every child in KS1 planted a piece of history, or the future, depending upon how you look at it!

We helped the Village People, Chris Bramall and Tom Veasey, plant another section of hedging along the edge of the Beacon Field. Over the years children from Stogumber have planted hedging, a small copse and even part of the Somerset species apple orchard, all up on our community field.

We planted the ‘Wild Harvest’ hedging pack, provided by The Woodland Trust, which included dog rose, elder, blackthorn and hawthorn. We learned about roots and stems and buds, as well as how to slot plant and how to use elder for whistles, jewellery, wine and cordial.

We also found puff balls up there - it was fascinating the watch them spurt when we squeezed them.

We finished off our morning by chasing Miss Daly around the whole perimeter of the field. We only gave her a minute’s head start but we couldn’t catch her!