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Whole School Games Day A Soaring Success

All the pupils of Crowcombe and Stogumber Primary Schools took part in an international games day, based upon the migration route of the swallow. This inspiring bird makes an annual round trip between the UK and south Africa, passing over sea, swamp, fields, forests, mountains, jungles and deserts. Having studied the science and geography of this incredible feat, we celebrated by playing street games of countries along the birds' route.


Our Year Five and Six children chose games from France, Spain, Morocco, Ghana and South Africa and adapted them to be played by Reception right up to Year Four. They then led mixed age groups in a 'round robin' circuit of these games, varying the difficulty according to the players and aiming for maximun fun!

DJ, Year 4, cried, "This is the best game ever!" as he dodged through a game of M'bube, M'bube (Lion Lion)!

In the afternoon our oldest pupils played an intraschool tournament of "Nugget Whip", a game of their own invention! It was a really tight contest in this team game of strategy, agility and daring, with our Green Team coming out on top by only one point!

Rocco, who only joined the school last week said, "I was very pleased with the outcome of the day and I'm happy that I have met lots of new children.", while Marcus thought that the day was "very organised and fun. It also brought our two schools together to make new friends."