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Whole School Steams To The Beach!

Today we all took the West Somerset Steam Railway, engine no. 3850, to Minehead Station for a tour of the station and for fun on the beach. Here are some of the children's comments during this wonderful day out:


We walked to the station. It was good. It felt refreshing. We walked with our partners - mine was Stanley - we got to the station. The train chugged into the station. We got on the train and set off to Minehead. It was a long journey - Finn (Reception)


We got off the train and walked to the beach with our stuff. We ate lunch then we played on the beach. I made a sandcastle and Mrs Shopland gave us ice lollies. The weather was quite hot - Alfie (Yr 3)


I loved making a mermaid with fins - Eilir (Yr 4)


Thanks to Mrs Norman for organising this trip for us, all the wonderful volunteers of the WSR (including Mr Norman for keeping the steam up on the engine) and to Butlins for paying the £700 whole school train fare!