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Wimbleball Adventure Day

On Monday, half of Kingfishers Class went to Wimbleball Activity Centre for adventure, to gain skills, increase our confidence and to achieve massive fun. It took us twenty five minutes to get there. We had high ropes, paddle boarding and kayaking to do.


First was the high ropes. It was really fun and also scary because it was so high when you reached the top. One challenge was "The Gladiator" which was a race up a vertical assault course. The other challenge was the high ropes obstacle course where you had to climb over and through different things like "The steps of Death", "The Tunnel of Doom" and "The Log of Scary Knives" (the last one is not real!)


After lunch we had kayaks and the Mega Stand Up Paddleboard.


Mr Nick Noodle was our instructor in paddle boarding. First off he got us warmed up by playing bags where we were jumping on and off the board. The first game was small steps backward with your eyes closed until eventually you fell off!

We showed off our best moves, like flips off the board, and then we flipped the board over and turned it into a slide (this was the best bit). Then we went on a journey across the lake. We swapped places with the kayakers and raced back across the lake. It was awesome to cross the lake because it was really relaxed.


We wish a very huge thank you to Mr Nick Noodle and Alice, our amazing, brilliant and intelligent instructors. A day out at Wimbleball is awesome, relaxed and fun!


By Tirion & Lilly


Final quote, from one of the boys as we walked back up from the lake:

"Best day ever - I got to come back!"