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Year Three Wow Wimbleball!

Today is the 3rd of June, year 3 went to Wimbleball lake to experience kayaking, high ropes  and stand up paddle boarding. Here are our thoughts : 


Some people who don't like heights cried on the high ropes but they persevered as much as they could. They bravely went as far as they could and succeeded.


Some of us were scared but we just kept going. We sang the song, "What I am", that Mrs Napper taught us - the words kept us going.The high ropes were a bit wiggly wobbly but we kept going.  Some of us had never been higher than a horse - I think they need a bigger horse now!


The water looked very cool because it was dark and gloomy. There were a few ups and downs but it worked out perfectly. 



Today was outstanding, awesome, exquisite, spectacular, fun, fabulous and ace!


At first, every time we looked down we got butterflies in our stomachs but now we don't .

We had an excellent day today !

When you're on the high ropes you feel alone, we felt the support from our friends. 

It was exciting, fun and adventurous.

If you have never been on high ropes before you should know that they are going to be fun!


By year 3 with Lucy, Elizabeth, Mr W and Mrs T