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Young Cyclist

Congratulations to Charlie PB, who competed in a recent mountain biking race event. Here's an interview of Charlie by Evelyn:

Charlie PB's Mountain Bike race

Who? Charlie PB
What? All terrain Mountain Bike Race
Where? Escot House, Exeter
When? Sunday 18th October 2015
Why? He was competing in the race
How? Raced on a mountain bike

How far was it ­ 3 miles ­ 5-6 laps
How fast? As fast as he could!
How many people took part ­ 30-40
What was his number? 17
Organisers ­ Wheelers and British Cycles
Bikes used ­ BMX and Mountain bikes

What made you take part in the race Charlie?
Because I wanted to have fun and I love cycling!

How did you feel about the race?
It was really good but very tiring!

Will you do the race again?
Yes ­ maybe the one at Cheddar which is in Somerset

Do you have any special advice for anyone else that might like to do this?
Practise before you take part because it is very tiring so you need to be

You need to have the right equipment - a helmet and perhaps knee pads and