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Sports Reports

Keeping Active During School Closures & Lockdowns

Physical activity and exercise can improve our health, make us feel better and give us more energy, as well as reducing the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes and heart disease. In this time of increasing restrictions on our movement with Coronavirus, it is still crucial that we are active for 60 minutes a day. Being active also releases natural endorphins that make us feel much happier. It will channel the energy of the children positively and, with some luck, tire them out enough for some peace and quiet to ensue (not guaranteed!). 

There are many ways we can keep fit at home with no equipment. You Tube has a plethora of content. Obviously, please supervise the children while they are using this platform. These are some of our favourites and the children (and you) can literally just follow them - click, play, workout, happy days! Thanks to Lucy Ray of St James School for sharing her Active Ideas, most of which are below.


Sallys - awesome strength workouts. There are Sallys for squats - the easiest, stomach/core which is harder and if any of you can complete Sally arms, you get a gold medal! 

Sally squats:

Sally core:

Sally arms:


Moovlee - there are so many workouts - yoga, meditation and active workouts. Here are a couple of good ones: and

Joe Wicks the Body Coach. Joe Wicks is brilliant - he has hundreds of workouts on his YouTube channel specifically for children (, but also tons for adults to do too ( It is important that children do the children's work outs as they are specifically designed for their growing bodies. All of the workouts need little space and no equipment and are really easy to follow. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga. This amazing youtube channel has a huge range of stimulating and fun activities, involving stories, games and lots of movement. My kids love it! ( 


I am working on bringing the children access to Real PE, the interactive system that I use with them in school. This will be of most use to KS1 children – ask them about Sammy the squirrel’s rolling nuts! I’ve created a basic ideas sheet and a template for inventing your own games, and I’ll be throwing out weekly challenges.

I am hoping that KS2 children really get into the idea of designing and playing their own games, for personal bests and for challenging other children. Your support with filming and with uploading videos to the school Google Drive could be crucial here (e.g. changing settings to lower quality filming to decrease broadband usage?). Perhaps they’ll find inspiration in the youtube channels above – might they be the Joe Wicks of youth?


Home Circuits are a really fun way to keep fit - design your circuit, set up your timer, get some music on and off you go! You can include anything from star jumps, press ups, sit ups and sprinting on the spot to yoga balances and dance moves!


Most importantly of all, lets make this as fun and creative a time for our children as possible. If your child stays happy, active, engaged and creative, and you do too, then that is success!


Take care,

Josh Wedderkopp


Two docs attached:

Sports Relief


All this week our Young Leaders at Crowcombe have been running challenges for KS2. The children have had their activity log cards signed after each event they have participated in. I wonder, how many managed to complete every challenge?!

To end the week, all children have had the opportunity to come to school in sports kit of their choice, from ballerinas to rugby legends and downhill cyclists! All we asked for was £1 for charity. All the money collected will go to help children and families in need of our support. Thank you for your generosity.

While Crowcombe's Young Leaders have been stepping up all week, the Year Three children at Stogumber had a chance at sports leadership themselves today, designing and running activities of their own for KS1. The children enjoyed games like "Don't wake the grizzly bear', 'Floating in space', and 'Falcon vs chicken'! What a wonderful afternoon, with focused, friendly, enthusiastic and very determined young sports players.


Hockey All Stars - Tournament One


Well done to our KS2 hockey team. They played the first of two spring term tournaments on Tuesday, braving the freezing conditions and three tough teams. Read Stanley & Jacob's report below for more detail.

The Return Of The Rickshaw!

Yet again, we are raising money for Children In Need with every pupil trying to run their age in miles across the week!


Actually, we'll accept any for of self propulsion, from scootering and cycling to dog walking and swimming. This year we've even borrowed rowing machines from SASP and we're sculling our way to success!


Do sponsor your children - they are trying their hearts out on this challenge and there are already some tremendous stories coming out of them. Here's one child's explanation:

What's Rickshaw then?

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

And the Rickshaw result:

And the Rickshaw result: 1

Cyclo-cross Stars

Still image for this video
Our pupils take part in a wide range of competitive sports events across the year and we can often garner enough children to form a team. Today, the school is bursting with pride because every member of Kingfishers volunteered to compete in a Cyclo-cross, cross country cycling challenge at Taunton Vale.

Aside from their usual perseverance, positivity and enthusiasm, it was absolutely astounding to see our children spread themselves out around the course, on every corner, slope and straight, to cheer each other on. As adults we were bursting with pride as they helped each other overcome slipped chains, dodgy gears, exhaustion and crashes.

One of our three teams came home with silver medals for achieving second place. We have ordered winners medals for every child who attended today, because our victory is shared!

Do watch the attached video - the free writing that came from them back in school this afternoon, inspired by the morning’s events.


Young Leaders Of The Future

Our wonderful Year Twos produced their own 'Invent-a-Game' olympics today, making up challenges for Reception and Year One, using school PE equipment. We had shark infested swamps to cross, space hoppers to bounce, a deadly cheese wedge to roll down, to name but a few of the tasks set to our youngest children. As well as setting tough, fun physical challenges our Year Twos displayed great empathy in setting up and changing the tasks to suit the particular children. Finlay saw that a child was missing the target in his throwing activity so he brought the target closer and started awarding points for effort, while Eleanor and Flo took the hot sun into consideration and made their task more about agility than exertion.


Cricketers reach highest standards


A letter from Tom, manager at Premier Sport:


I am reporting back from the feedback from Craig when he was at the cricket tournament. 


The children’s behaviour and attitude throughout the afternoon was at the highest level. Craig said he couldn’t ask for anymore from them. 


They lost the first game by only 2 runs!!! They managed to win the next one by 60 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob managed to hit a 6 off every ball in the over. 


Both boys and girls were a delight off the field as well and can’t thank the school enough to have such a lovely group. 



Christina - Took the after school club cricket on Wednesday. 


Her message to me ……..


She really, really enjoyed the club because of a number of reasons - they were lovely children that listened and were like sponges taking up all the information and then performing the skills. No behaviour issues what so ever. She couldn’t believe how much she taught and progressed so fast. She said this reflects so well on the school and couldn’t be more positive with the praise of the children and school. She even said she would bite my hand off if she was asked again to cover again at the school. 


Lots of praise and positive vibes from our coaches for your school. Please pass the email to the Head teacher and other staff members. 


Many thanks, 


Tom Elliott
Regional Director - Bridgwater, Minehead and Weston Super Mare.

Gymnastastic Year 2s!


Well done to our fantastic gymnasts in Year 2. Today they competed in the local area gymnastics competition and all seven children were wonderful!

The children had to perform individually, first on the floor and then on the vault. We were treated to forward roles, swivel steps, teddy bear roles, balances and leaps. Coming in at ‘Fourth Equal’ place, the children were as ever wonderfully enthusiastic, we’ll mannered and supportive of each other. Well done children; you always make us proud!



Gymnastics - Yr2

Congratulations to our County Championship Cross Country Runners [March 01]


Well done to Grace White and Theo Webster who competed in the county cross country races this weekend. Grace came in 20th in the Year 6 distance, with a time of 7min59(winning time: 6min40). Jacob came in 39th in the Year 5 distance, with a time of 8min45 (winning time: 7min02).


Both children deserve great praise for taking on some of the best runners in Somerset and for giving it their all. Jacob deserves a little extra praise as he is currently in Year 4. Now that's courage!




Do check out our PE videos, including gymnastic routines and tutorials, on our media page here.

Our Cross Country Results are in:

Our Cross Country Results are in: 1
Well done to all four of our teams. How wonderful it was to see the children who had run the early laps running over to the end to cheer and pacemaker their friends home! We’re so proud of them.

KS2 Hockey [Feb]


Well done to our year 5/6 hockey squad. They took part in our local central venue league tournament and had a lot of fun by the look of things!

Cross Country Results [Jan]


Well done to our runners. This was a tough, 1300m event, and all of our children completed the course. Thanks to all of you for enthusiastically supporting and encouraging each other around that muddy, muddy track!


Results attached below:


Cyclocross Legends - Kingfishers!


On Tuesday 15th January 2019, 16 children from Kingfisher class went to Taunton Vale to take part in grass track racing on bikes against other schools. 


The teams were given points for their time and the team with the fewest points won. Team A came 8th with 92 points and team B came 5th with 84 points.


The team members reflected on their morning. "It was very challenging going up the steep hills and going around the sharp corners." enthused S.

J smiled, "What I found fun, was how we got put into mixed groups."

"It was hard because you had to challenge yourself and push yourself." explained Z.

D. stated, "It helped me gain more confidence riding my own bike and getting more bike experience."

"It was very difficult and tiring doing all 4 laps," remarked E.. 

A. marvelled, "It was fun just taking part in all the races we did."


Overall, we had a fantastic, fun yet tiring experience. We worked well in our teams and we all put 100% effort into the morning!


By Zoe & Stanley



KS1 Football Players Shine


Our schools’ youngest team represented us superbly in their second tournament of the year. After a special coaching session from Anthony Cornish, our local FA club leader, their game had really improved.

Well done to all of our players. We’re really proud of them!

Cross Country Mud Run!


Thanks to Helena Willford for her little write-up.

Great effort at Cross Country tonight. There were two races of over 100 students in each and loads of them tripping over and causing pile ups round the first muddy corner (exciting viewing!), but our 4 flew round like gazelles, I was so impressed. Big well done Jacob, Grace, Hamish and Jodie👏🏻👏🏻



Children In Need Rickshaw Challenge

Next week, to support Children In Need, our pupils are taking on a massive challenge - to run, walk, swim or cycle their age in miles! By the end of the week we hope to have equalled the 500 miles or so that the Children In Need rickshaw will have been pedalled.


Because our curriculum is so tight much of the running in school will take place before registration or during lunchtimes. Mrs Savage and Mrs Tyrell will be opening Crowcombe playground up for runners from 8:30 each morning next week - so do bring your child in early if they want to run!


You can run, walk, cycle or swim outside of school too. If your child completes any distances next week, from a dog walk to a swim, please send them to school the next day with a note from an adult detailing the activity and the distance to the nearest mile (or quarter mile for shorter distances).


Your child will have brought hope a sponsorship form today. Please do help them find at least a couple of sponsors, sponsoring per mile or for attempting the task. Every little will help encourage our runners. More forms can be downloaded below.

You can track the Somerset schools' total distance here ( It will be updated daily.


The BBC asked us to send them footage of our children running. It didn't make the One Show tonight so, fingers crossed, it will be aired during the Children In Need show this Friday evening.



The Rickshaw Challenge - Training!

Still image for this video

Looks like our Cross Country runners gave it their all!

Looks like our Cross Country runners gave it their all! 1 Before...
Looks like our Cross Country runners gave it their all! 2 ... and after! Well done guys!

Autumn 2018 - Fixture List, Code of Conduct & Notes for Named Adults

Young Leaders’ Celebration Day

Young Leaders’ Celebration Day 1

If you are the family of a child in Keystage Two then you will certainly have heard about ‘Fun Club’, the Friday lunchtime activity club run by our Year Six Young Leaders. Every week they are out there challenging and engaging other children, leading by example and pushing their own leadership limits!


As positions are limited in number pupils need to apply for a Young Leadership  post at the end of Year Five, after receiving initial training, and this that pass the selection are supported in their role through Year Six by Mrs Stevenson.


Young Leaders plan, timetable, set up, lead and record every one of their fun and active sessions. After each session, they celebrate good sportsmanship shown by children who take part by presenting ‘Spirit of the Games’. They even create a weekly poster documenting the session. Leadership is more than just kicking a ball about with younger ones and Fun Club challenges and rewards the Young Leaders as much as it does the children who come each week.


In celebration of their commitment and effort, our young leaders are given hoodies in the spring term and a great day out in the summer. Today we went to the COACH centre in Taunton for a day of paddle boarding, rafting and tree climbing. As ever the children were enthusiastic, supportive to each other, courageous and fantastically well mannered! What a wonderful way to celebrate a year of giving enjoyment and inspiration to others! Thank you Young Leaders, for a great year and a fantastic day!



Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17 1
Parent report - Fantastic show by our footballers tonight at the Heathfield School tournament - they did brilliantly despite the torrential rain and cold! They won 3/4 games with some high scores- even though one of the opposition teams put a grown up in goal!! Would be great to take some more players along next time and even better if we had some girls on the team.

Cross Country - Nov 17

Cross Country - Nov 17 1

Our named adult’s report:


Once again the children were a credit to the school at the Cross Country races. They were all turned out in their kit, looking very smart. They were also very excited to be taking part.

This was an individual race (unlike the team relay the time before). When asked whether they preferred the team event or the individual? they replied "we liked the individual because it meant that we could look after each other as we ran around".


Thank you to Chris Birch for being named adult for this event.

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17

Year 1/2 Football - Nov 17 1

Well done to our super keen KS1 football team. Five brave boys went to Taunton to play in a Central Venue League friendly tournament. They made us all proud as the played with enthusiasm, teamwork and a great, positive attitude. They also won three out of the four games that they played! What a wonderful start to their sporting careers.

Badminton - Oct 17

Badminton - Oct 17 1

Badminton - Oct 17


Four children went to Kingsmead for the Badminton competition.
Again all children worked well together and gave lots of encouragement and support to each other especially as this was the first time some had played Badminton.
They came up across some good teams but they all enjoyed the experience,they won a few games and lost a few but there were no signs of disappointment just lots of determination to want to play.
One thing that was noted at the end was the good sportsmanship between them all and shaking hands with the opposition after every match.

Handball - Nov 17


We turned up with four very enthusiastic children and soon realised that five children was required!!
A special thank you must go to Creech St Michael Primary School as their children kindly rotated and worked with our children enabling us to take part.
There was a good team spirt with lots of encouragement and guidance to each other.
It was noticed how Zak and Teddy showed some positive leader skills and supported the rest of the team well.

Handball - Oct 17

Handball - Oct 17 1

Handball - Oct 17


It was good see the children enjoying themselves and all participating.
They were encouraging and supportive to each other and worked well together as a team 
They managed to rotate themselves so each had the same amount of games.
Mr Adams Clarke did well also on the court encouraging them all and even joining in the adult game at the end.



Cross Country - Oct 17

Cross Country - Oct 17 1
Cross Country - Oct 17 2
Cross Country - Oct 17 3
Cross Country - Oct 17 4

Cross Country & Rugby in one week!


It has been a busy week for our young athletes. Thank you, as ever to our wonderful parents for transporting and chaperoning our players.


Parent report:


The cross country was lovely as when the children finished running their leg they then went and met the other runners to give the support and encouragement.

Harriet ran with Estella to encourage her to keep on running; it was just beautiful to watch.


The rugby was good as SASP ran some coaching skills before the games started and I think our children benefited from this.


The other school teams do predominately have years 5 & 6s playing, whilst we have sent two teams of years 3 to 6! It was good that each of our teams had only 7 players, as this allowed a year 6 from the team who wasn’t playing to join the other team to give it some extra strength.


We drew the first game, won the next two and lost by 1 try on the last.


A big thanks to Ben White for his coaching skills and building up team spirit.


At both events the children were extremely well behaved and showed the other schools how to look out for each other and more importantly how to have fun at the same time.


Tag Rugby - Oct 17

Tag Rugby - Oct 17 1
Tag Rugby - Oct 17 2