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Year Six Holiday Work

Holiday Revision - Yr6


Over your time here you have worked your socks off and have made colossal steps forward academically. You deserve a break - well done!


However, to prevent you getting bored over the break, and to keep your brain in gear, I have set you few tasks.


Please put aside a little time each day to complete these activities. I have set some maths, some writing, and some grammar.


Your Tasks


1. A Maths Paper

2. A Mental Maths Test (you can click on the sound file below)

3. A Writing Task - 40 mins

4. A Reading Paper

5. 10 minutes daily maths practise

6. BBC Bitesize grammar games - click here


And, of course, Mangahigh, Sumdog and Studyladder are always there for you to practice your skills on!


Some tips (tick these off when you have read & understood them):


∙ Find a time in the day when you know you will have time to complete the whole paper (you have all this free time now that you’re not at school!).

∙ Find a calm, quiet place to work, where you can relax and think, and won’t be disturbed.

∙ If you don’t understand a question, leave it and move on.  Come back to it later if you have time and try thinking about it from another ‘direction.’ If you still can’t answer, leave it again. Circle the question number for me to help you when we're back in school.

∙ Use planning time carefully on the written task – it helps to have a plan and this is a chance to think the task through instead of just leaping straight into it. Use the ideas that the paper suggests as a framework for your writing. Make sure you write in the genre the task requires – e.g. newspaper, diary, letter, speech…


Use the writing task to show off your sentence skills - 3P; 2 pair; the more, the more; outside: inside; alliteration; personification; similes; noun (bracket)...


∙ The audio for the Mental Maths Test is here:



Before playing the Mental Maths questions spend some time looking at the answer sheet. How many of the questions can you predict and work out in advance? This will give you more thinking time during the test.


CHECK YOUR WORK!!!              READ IT ALOUD!!!




I suggest you work to the time allowed for each paper. You may prefer to work through them piecemeal and/or discuss them with your parents. It can really help if an adult reads the questions aloud to you (they are allowed to!!)


It’s up to you – whatever works best!


There are some excellent revision websites out there. You can search MANGA HIGH for help with specific topics, SUMDOG will speed up your mental maths skills, and BBC BITESIZE helps with Maths, English and Science.


Don’t stress; you’ve improved incredibly in Class Two and I can tell you now that you have already succeeded. You are an excellent learner and I’m super proud of you. The idea of all these papers is to get you so used to them that you just can’t find a reason to get stressed!


Rest well, enjoy your Easter, and see you after the break. 


Mr. W