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Class 1 – Owl Class

Welcome to Class 1

Owl Class


We are reception and year one children from Crowcombe and Stogumber Primary Schools. We learn together on the Stogumber School site. We are taught by Mrs Caroline Chrystall and our learning support assistants are Mrs Lorraine Shopland and Miss Ailish Jenkins.




Reception year one 2018/ 19
Picture 1
October 2018 in Owl Class
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Year 1 using puppets to tell the Goldilocks story.
Picture 6 Year 1 using part part whole in maths.
Picture 7 We performed the autumn days poem in church.
Picture 8 Decorating clay snails.
Picture 9 Playing snakes and ladders.
Picture 10 Playing Bingo.
Picture 11 Writing in shaving foam.
Picture 12 Year 1 showing number in different ways.
Picture 13 reception finding parts of a plant.
Picture 14 Reception matching number of objects.
We went on a windy expedition to the very top of the Beacon Field; so windy that we had to rope together!
September2018 In Owl Class.
Picture 1 Out on the bikes.
Picture 2 Playing in the sand.
Picture 3 Making hats.
Picture 4 Shape pictures.
Picture 5 Playing on the iPads.
Picture 6 Year one representing numbers in lots of ways.
Picture 7 year one performing a sound poem.
Picture 8 Year one ordering in maths.
Picture 9 Year one made crowns for our history topic.
Picture 10 Reception did maths puzzles.
Picture 11 Reception using the balance bikes.
Picture 12 Music and movement with Mrs Napper.
Picture 13 Drawing using white boards.
Picture 14 Threading and making patterns.
Picture 15 Out and about for an Autumn walk.
June /July In Owl Class.
Picture 1 Learning about plastic waste in the sea.
Picture 2 Weighing with balance scales.
Picture 3 Direction with Bee-Bots.
Picture 4 Bug houses at forest school.
Picture 5 Symmetry at forest school.
Picture 6 Healthy eating games.
Picture 7 Learning about coins and notes in maths.
Picture 8 Flying kites we made.
Picture 9 Flying kites we made.
May in Owl Class.
Picture 1 Using tens frames to add and subtract.
Picture 2 Learning about capacity.
Picture 3 Learning about capacity.
Picture 4 Cloths drying after learning about capacity.
Picture 5 The firemen came to visit.
Picture 6 We put out the Great Fire Of London.
Picture 7 Riddle writing.
Picture 8 Reception caption writing.
Picture 9 Musicians came to play for us.
Picture 10 We watched the doves hatch and grow.
Picture 11 We had a royal tea party.

April in Owl Class

April in Owl Class 1
April in Owl Class 2
April in Owl Class 3
April in Owl Class 4
April in Owl Class 5
April in Owl Class 6
April in Owl Class 7

March in Owl Class

March in Owl Class 1 Baking cakes.
March in Owl Class 2 Out and about on the bikes.
March in Owl Class 3 World book day.
March in Owl Class 4 Lambs come to visit.
March in Owl Class 5 Mr Lees guide dog came to visit us.
March in Owl Class 6 We visited Dunster Castle.
March in Owl Class 7 We made an undersea picture during a wow day.

February in Owl Class

February in Owl Class 1 Reception making a Billy Goat Gruff bridge.
February in Owl Class 2 Acting out the story.
February in Owl Class 3 Ordering The Billy Goats by size.
February in Owl Class 4 Making a potion.
February in Owl Class 5 Adding magic powder to the potion.
February in Owl Class 6 Writing about what the magic potion would do.

January in Owl Class

January in Owl Class 1 We can copy a pattern.
January in Owl Class 2 Pattern matching.
January in Owl Class 3 We went on a winter walk.
January in Owl Class 4 Using view finders for poem writing.
January in Owl Class 5 Learning to tell the time.
January in Owl Class 6 Adding two digit numbers to twenty.
January in Owl Class 7 Finding one more
January in Owl Class 8 We went wassailing.

Appletastic Orchard Trip For Reception

Still image for this video

December in Owl Class.

December in Owl Class. 1
December in Owl Class. 2
December in Owl Class. 3
December in Owl Class. 4
December in Owl Class. 5
December in Owl Class. 6
December in Owl Class. 7
December in Owl Class. 8
December in Owl Class. 9
December in Owl Class. 10
December in Owl Class. 11