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Today we had slime out for the first time. We enjoyed playing with it and exploring what we could with it. We found out that we could stretch, pull and flatten the slime.

Experimenting with slime

Experimenting with slime 1
Experimenting with slime 2
Experimenting with slime 3



Pre-school enjoying dressing up as their favourite characters.

World book day 2018

World book day 2018 1



Today we had the first falling of snow while at Pre-school. We had lots of fun exploring and feeling the ice and snow to talk about how it feels.

Snow. 27.02.18

Snow. 27.02.18 1
Snow. 27.02.18 2
Snow. 27.02.18 3
Snow. 27.02.18 4
Today in forest school, we made clay faces and placed these on a tree. We also played with the mud kitchen and explored the area. Some children found musical instruments by going round with a stick and tapping things. See more photos in gallery

Forest School. 08.02.18

Forest School. 08.02.18 1
Forest School. 08.02.18 2
Forest School. 08.02.18 3
Forest School. 08.02.18 4
Forest School. 08.02.18 5
Forest School. 08.02.18 6
Forest School. 08.02.18 7
Forest School. 08.02.18 8
Forest School. 08.02.18 9
Forest School. 08.02.18 10
Forest School. 08.02.18 11
Forest School. 08.02.18 12
Forest School. 08.02.18 13

Preschool theatre Trip to see the Snowmouse


Preschool visited the local theatre to watch the Snowmouse. The children enjoyed exploring the garden room, where they made snow angels on the floor. They all sat beautifully throughout the performance. We even had the staff at the theatre comment on how well behaved the children were.


Well done everyone


Snowmouse 1
Snowmouse 2
Snowmouse 3
Snowmouse 4
Snowmouse 5
Snowmouse 6
Snowmouse 7
Snowmouse 8
Snowmouse 9

Comic Relief 2017


For Comic Relief, we took part in a number of activities during the day. We coloured in Pudsey's and made our own masks

our activity for comic relief

our activity for comic relief 1
our activity for comic relief 2
our activity for comic relief 3
our activity for comic relief 4
our activity for comic relief 5

Teddy Bears picnic at Stogumber school. 10.11.17


Today we visited Stogumber School for a Teddy Bears picnic. While we were there, we took part in many activities, these included: building bear houses, dressing a teddy bear colouring activity and reading and watching the story of we're going on a bear hunt. After Breaktime, Mrs Chrystall played the DVD of the bear hunt and when this had finished, we got ready to go outside and go on a bear hunt. We made a circle and acted out the story.

After lunch, we played inside until it was time for our picnic. We all sat around in a circle and ate our picnic. During our picnic, Mrs Chrystall's bear 'Hector' decided to go for a walk and it was up to preschool and year R to find him. We found him hiding by the rabbit hutch.


Preschool would like to thank Mrs Chrystall and year R for inviting us to spend the day with them.


Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic 1
Teddy Bears Picnic 2
Teddy Bears Picnic 3
Teddy Bears Picnic 4
Teddy Bears Picnic 5




Since returning from the half term break, we have been busy making paper fireworks and poppies for our pre-school displays. We have had lots of fun making and decorating them.



Our Trip to Katy's garden

Monday 3rd November 2017


On Monday, Pre-school went on a walk to see Katy's garden. While we were there, we saw chickens and had the opportunity to feed them.

We also collected apples to use for Apple printing and leaves to do some leaf rubbings.


See Gallery for pictures.

New music sessions with Mrs Napper

New music sessions with Mrs Napper 1 Dancing to the music
New music sessions with Mrs Napper 2 Dancing to the music
New music sessions with Mrs Napper 3 Dancing to the music
New music sessions with Mrs Napper 4 Dancing to the music
New music sessions with Mrs Napper 5 Dancing to the music
New music sessions with Mrs Napper 6 Dancing to the music