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Music Curriculum Offer


At Crowcombe and Stogumber Schools, we are committed to ensuring that all of our children receive high-quality, inspiring music provision throughout their school journey, from Reception right through to Year 6.


Our curriculum is broad, ambitious, progressive, and above all, engaging and fun.  We believe we offer something for every single child.  Aside from classroom music lessons, children can also sign up for private lessons on violin, piano, guitar, ukulele or brass.  They can join the school choir or orchestra through our after school music club, and take advantage of the opportunity to perform at our numerous performances, concerts and church services.   


Children learn to have confidence in their musical abilities, try new things and to explore their own creativity in a positive, encouraging and nurturing environment.


Music is prioritised in our schools as follows:


  • We employ a specialist music teacher to lead on music in our schools.  They plan, develop and deliver the curriculum across the whole school.
  • Children receive at least an hour of music teaching each week, through a combination of classroom lessons and singing assemblies.
  • Our music curriculum delivers the requirements of the National Curriculum and the ambitious non-statutory Model Music Curriculum.
  • Across all year groups, children develop progressive skills in the key areas of Composition & Improvisation, Notation, Listening & Appreciation, Singing, Playing Instruments and Performing.
  • In Year 4, all of our children learn a brass instrument as a whole class, for a full year.  This is free of charge to parents.  For those that want to continue brass beyond school, the West Somerset Training Band is a local amateur band that our pupils can join.
  • Across all year groups, children have co-curricular opportunities to learn an instrument through private tuition provided by instrumental specialists.  We currently offer violin, piano, guitar, ukulele and brass.
  • We support our Pupil Premium children with the pursuit of their musical interests by paying for them to receive private individual instrumental lessons, and providing them with an instrument.
  • Co-curricular opportunities are also available to children who would like to join the school choir or orchestra through our after school music club.
  • All children experience live music annually by attending a performance at a local theatre.


All children perform throughout the year, in class, at assemblies, church services, nativities, Christmas Concerts and at our Performing Arts Cafe.


Generosity          Optimism           Determination          Curiosity          Courage

Opportunities to experience a range of music