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Physical Education Curriculum Offer


At Crowcombe and Stogumber Schools, we are committed to ensuring that all of our children receive high-quality, inspiring PE provision throughout their school journey, from Reception right through to Year 6.


We believe that as a school we have the capability, motivation and opportunity to increase our offer of physical activity. Our pupils physical health, social and emotional wellbeing is more vital than ever.


Our curriculum is progressive, engaging and fun but rooted at its heart is being active.  We believe we offer something for every single child. They can join the numerous school teams and compete at friendly or competitive events or we have numerous different options of free –to-all after school enrichment.

PE is prioritised in our schools as follows:


  • We employ a specialist PE teacher to help deliver PE in our schools. They assist the PE lead and class teachers in planning, developing and delivering the curriculum across the whole school.

  • All children receive at least two hours of high-quality PE provision each week, through a combination of classroom lessons and completing the 'train run' with daily opportunities for movement embedded within our timetables.

  • Our PE curriculum delivers the requirements of the National Curriculum and has added elements which aim to enhance our offer including sport specific teaching and opportunities to be inspired by sporting visitors.

  • Across all year groups, children develop progressive skills in key areas. Teacher utilise the PE Hub curriculum adapted to meet the needs of the children. All children are taught Multiskills (Send and Return), Invasion games (Attack, Defend, Shoot), Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics (Run, Jump and Throw), and Strike and Field games (Hit, Catch and Run). As the children progress into KS2 these become sport specific with a two year rolling programme providing children with knowledge and skills of rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, netball, basketball, volleyball, handball, cricket, tennis, badminton and rounders. All children in KS2 learn to swim with lessons each year during the Autumn term.

  • We also offer all children Forest school and Outdoor learning days each term. These are planned and delivered by our specialist Forest School leader and include sports such orienteering.

  • Across all year groups, children have co-curricular opportunities such as attending centralised venue sports festivals with other schools and inter-school sport competitions as part of SASPs centralised league fixtures.

  • We support our Pupil Premium children by offering all after school enrichment free of charge and offering extra lunchtime small group activities for students.


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